How do I find parts? 

Enter any combination of the manufacturer's name, manufacturer part number, descriptive keywords, and/or model number in the search box to find the product you're looking for. If the exact part is not in the inventory, the search results page will provide the items that most closely match the search criteria.

Is it mandatory to create account and  log in to shop or order parts? 

Absolutely not. It is not mandatory to create account. However, if you have an account with us and log in you will be able to navigate through different option which will make your shopping journey easier and much more comfortable. 

When you have PartsFe account you will have access to these features:

  • Your delivery information and location preference will be stored.
  • Your whole order history and details will be displayed.
  • Additionally, you can compare products, subscribe, and keep a shopping list of items on My Wish List.

I forgot my password. What ought I do?

Nothing to worry. In the footer ther is "Forgot password" option. You will now be taken to new page once you click it. Type your email address. Then select "Reset my password" from the menu. We will send you a link in your email. You can use this link to navigate directly to the page where you must enter your login information, email address, and security question. Then you can generate a new password. You are always welcome to get in touch with us via phone at (866) 863-0907 or email at [email protected] if the issue is not resolved. 

How can I view the technical information about my part?

PartsFe stores technical data for many restaurant kitchen equipment parts. Search for the required part. When the search results show, scroll down and click the "details" section. With the help of these sections, you may get in-depth information about the part.

How can I return a part?

Email [email protected] for instructions on how to return an item. Returns are not accepted by PartsFe without prior authorization or consent, which may be given or withheld at PartsFe's sole discretion. Returns are accepted only until 30 days from the date of purchase. Special orders are non-returnable and non-cancellable. See our return policy for more information.